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A note from the team

It's difficult to be heard above the noise these days, especially on the web. Our small team is doing our best to put our hearts into the products we create, but there are still many people out there who've never heard of Amsterdam Baking Company.

A referral program helps us spread the word*, and it gives you a reward as a thank you for supporting us. If each customer of our customers referred just one person it would make a major impact on our small bakery. 

Instead of spending much on advertising we'd rather give the money to you. Any help is tremendously appreciated. We hope you continue to enjoy the fresh products we bake. 

Many thanks

Nina & Marisol and Team

Terms and Conditions

The idea behind this program is to give our customers a reward for recommending us to people who don't know us and may be interested in our delicious pastries. For this reason, we have a few rules: 

1- We only accept one new customer per billing/delivery address.

2- We only accept one email address per new customer. 

If these conditions are not met, the discount code may not work and/or the orders can be cancelled by Amsterdam Baking Company. 

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